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“Palimpsest” personal exhibition of Denis Struk

“Palimpsest” personal exhibition of Denis Struk

From 24th of April to 13th of May the Green Sofa Gallery presents the first solo exhibition of one of the most interesting artist among the new generation artists – Denis Struk.

Once his painting was compared to the Palimpsest – an ancient manuscript which was written on the already used and cleared pergament

This comparison proved to be really adequate and Denis decided to name his exhibition the same way.

It is not only about the technique – the artist tries to achieve the effect of multiple colours due to the numerous layers of paint using the patterned samples with Ukrainian ornamental motifs and embroidery but also it is about the essence of his painting – using the national archetypes he adds a flavour of contemporary layers.

The subjects of his canvases are bright decorative landscapes that are painted almost like abstracts.

Denis was born in Dnipropetrovsk. He graduated Lviv Art Academy the Department of artistic glass and now he lives and works in Lviv.

Since 1998 he constantly takes part in International Symposiums of artistic glass in Lviv.