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Fine Art in Art Arsenal Kyiv 2011

Fine Art in Art Arsenal Kyiv 2011

The «Green sofa» Gallery brought a new project to Kyiv.

The project is called «No Offence». Originally it was made in 2009.

The artists openly discussed things that once prompted the action. They also spoke about how the exhibit at the “Fine Art” Forum in 2011 could never leave the audience indifferent.

Each of the spectators found something that resonated with them.

The exhibition’s themes included love, death, individuality within and beyond society, and ecology. It also touched upon offend and even the native land.

The updated exhibition project “No offence” from 2011, enriched with new works, could be seen from May 12 to May 22, 2011, at the “Mystetskyi Arsenal” venue (12 Lavrska Street, Kyiv). The participants remained unchanged: Anna Atoyan, Olha Pylynyk, Natalia Haydash, Serhiy Mikhnovsky, Yuri Koval, Volodymyr Pinigin, Petro Smetana, Yaryna Movchan, Ruslan Tremba, Beata Korn, and Viktor Melnychuk.