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Exhibition of Nina and Sergiy Reznichenko “R+R”

Exhibition of Nina and Sergiy Reznichenko “R+R”

The Contemporary Art Gallery Green Sofa presents an exhibition of Nina and Sergiy Reznichenko “R+R” from 13th of March till 1st of April.

Sergiy Reznichenko graduated LVHPU named after V.I.Mukhina in Sanct Peterburgh, he is an artist with powerful techniques of painting and drawing. He is lucky to have thousands of artlovers all over the world, that have missed the painting with beautiful and harmonious subject which is rare to find.

Nina Reznichenko is a poetic rather than epic artist. Her painting is spontaneous, irrational and tends to be abstract. It is the play of light and shadows that transforms into bouquettes and landscapes. Her creations became favourite for those who like different painting than Sergiy’s.

Together they form a duette where the artists are as similar as they are different.