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Group exhibition “Euro-2012”

Group exhibition “Euro-2012”

The Contemporary Art Gallery Green Sofa from 5th to14th of June 2012

Curator – Olesia Domaradzka

“Euro 2012” is not just a sport tournament, it is a phenomenon that embraces all aspects of social life. Especially it concerns the cities that host the event – Lviv in particular.

It goes without saying that no person will be left aside -it touches everything: from road building to the new stadium,from the shame for our imperfection to the pride for our beauty and european history of Lviv as well as all-national love for football.

It is considered that actual art reacts to all important processes that take place in society. Seriously or ironically the participants of exhibition create unique art-objects for this exhibition dedicated to football championship “Euro2012” different by genre from painting to installation.

Host City Lviv