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The Power of the Moment. Zakentii Horobiov. June 25 – July 21, 2024

The Power of the Moment. Zakentii Horobiov. June 25 – July 21, 2024

Formerly from Luhansk, and since 2007 a resident of Kyiv, muralist, graphic designer, calligrapher, lettering specialist, and book illustrator—in a word, contemporary artist Zakentii Horobiov brings his project “The Power of the Moment” to Lviv. The exhibition at the Green Sofa Gallery will feature around 30 works, some of which were previously exhibited in Zaporizhzhia (a tourist center) and Kyiv (at the Book Arsenal) on canvas and plywood.

As the artist describes “The Power of the Moment”:

This project is a reflection on moments of life. It is a fixation of a state at a specific time interval in specific life situations and geographical locations. The moment acquires a geometric shape, color, and a specific verbal representation (text form). The list of these characteristics is formed through an average perception and social agreement.

Each work urges us to be in the moment, to live it, regardless of the past or future—to be here and now, in body and mind. The graphic solution emphasizes the Buddhist line of the series: sometimes the phrase can be read easily, while in some works it takes on a completely abstract form.

This technique contributes to the identification of the works with termas—Buddhist knowledge defined by teachers of the past as too progressive and complex to understand in their time. According to legends, termas were discovered only when the content of the knowledge and the essence of the ideas recorded in them could be understood by people.

The essence of the message is hidden behind the color spot, giving the viewer the opportunity to find it and join the philosophical context, to live the moment, to focus on “here and now.” Or, they may pass by, to find this call later when it becomes closer and more understandable.