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“Dark” Petro Smetana 6.02. – 3.03.2024

“Dark”  Petro Smetana 6.02. – 3.03.2024

This painting exhibition is a continuation of the series of works from the present period of the artist Petro Smetana. In this series he explores dark as a color of the present, as a concept, and a form of expression.
The artist writes about his darkness as follows:
“Dark is the phenomenon that remains after bright flashes of light. Dark, which slowly swirls in the air and slowly falls, coloring everything with itself. Dark is an obligatory and forced phenomenon of our present. Dark is the soot from which it all began, as the primordial archetype. And soot is a result of destruction. Dark is the stage before birth.

At the “Dark” exhibition in our gallery we will present completely new works of monumental, often several meter formats. Petro showed the first part of this creative stage in the “White World” gallery in Kyiv in October-November 2023. We will have more abstract canvases and an even deeper immersion in the “Dark”.

Можливо, це чорно-біле зображення 1 особа та борода

Petro Smetana was born in the town called Sambir in 1985. Graduated as a designer at the Lviv National Forestry University. Since 2007 he takes part in exhi
Interesting fact – Petro’s first ever exhibition “Spring is Tsargorod”, took place in Green Sofa together with famous artists, in particular, Sergiy Hay, Ostap Patyk and so on. Just like first personal exhibition in Smetana’s career took place in 2010 in Lviv, in our gallery. Since that time the gallery collaborates with an artist constantly. We presented the works of Petro in projects at Fine Art Kyiv festival (2011), Euro – 2012 in Lviv, “Days of Lviv” in Sumy 2013, and made three personal exhibitions happen and a huge amount of group exhibitions in gallery’s walls. Naturally, in its first international project outside of Ukraine, “Green Sofa” presented an exhibition by Petro Smetana, it is about the project “Resurrection” at the Venetian Biennale #PersonalStructures2022, which lasted for seven months! Petro Smetana is nominally the first artist from Lviv who took part in Venetian Biennale with his personal project.
Perhaps, the most outstanding painter of the young generation of Lviv’s artists, painter whose works are in museum collections of Ukraine, public collections of Poland and Ukrainian institute in New York.