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I do it because…

Something is wrong…

I feel it…

I don’t want to lose it…


Under the guidance of the head of the department and professor Tamila Pechenyuk, masters of the department of artistic textiles of the Lviv Academy of Arts, Vasyl Kolodiy, Olena Morokhovska, Iryna Rybenchuk and Elvira Sosoyenko, will present their creative works for the first time at the exhibition in the Green Sofa Gallery. The project is called “Layering”.

LAYERING is a concept not only of the name of the exhibition, but also in the method of creating art works by its participants.

Modern textile practices, combined textile techniques and direction of thoughts and reflections of these young people reflect emotional states and reactions to the realities of our present.

The exhibition will be opened on Tuesday, January 16 at 6:00 p.m.
The exhibition will take place until February 4.

Entrance is free.
Mondays are days off.
Works are for sale.

During the exhibition, we will raise money for Mavic and FPV drones for 14 separate mechanized brigades, in which the husband of one of the participants of the exhibition, Elia Sosoenko, serves.