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MINI MONUMENTS, Anna Atoyan, November 21 – December 10, 2023

MINI MONUMENTS, Anna Atoyan, November 21 – December 10, 2023

The exhibition of seven compositions (3d objects, wood, levkas, painting), which are very personal as opposed to public monuments (lat.monumentum – “memory, monument”) – this is the way how the press release of Anna Atoyan’s “Mini Monuments” exhibition began. The exhibition took place in June of 2021.


Anna Atoyan’s final exhibition of 2023 is also called “Mini Monuments” with the prefix “2”. It will also consist of seven thematic mini monuments – art complexes that, in addition to painting, will be supplemented with mini sculptures made of cotton wool.

This method was used in women’s home conditions to create Christmas tree decorations and dolls for children. The main goal of this method is also to realize creative impulses that do not require special materials and a workshop, but what is in everyone’s home.

Anna began creating a carousel with hanging figurines above the crib

babies for her recently born grandson.

The experiment turned out to be very interesting and very

modern in the context of attention to women’s creativity and techniques of naive masters of the past.


The first thought was “This can’t be true”.

The second – I did not think that I would stay alive to see this. 

The past is the past, 

In a previous life. 

The more it dragged us

To the war, blackouts,anxiety, 

the more inappropriately bright,

carefree, almost mythical, unreal,

the past began to appear.

As if all this was not with me, 

not with us.

So, an inappropriate past that did not exist…

And a bit of today

which I hope

It will soon be a thing of the past.

Anna Atoyan