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Beata Korn

Beata Korn

was born in 1980 in Uzhhorod.

1995-2001 Uzhgorod College of Arts.
2001-2003 Lviv National Academy of Arts (Department of Ceramics).
Lives and works in Uzhhorod.

2003-2011 teaches at the Uzhgorod College of Arts.

2005 “Glass Menagerie” personal exhibition, city of Uzhhorod
2005 group exhibitions in Poland, Germany
2006 “Glass animals”, personal exhibition, Dzyga gallery (Lviv)
2006 Warhol Fest Symposium, Slovakia (modern art museum in Medzilaborciach)
2007 “Seven days”, personal exhibition, Tseh gallery (Kyiv)
2008 “Fixations”, personal exhibition, Workshop Gallery (Kyiv)
2008 “Selfcapture” group exhibition, Tseh gallery (Kyiv)
2008 group exhibition, Tseh gallery (Kyiv)
2008 ART Moscow in cooperation with Tseh gallery

2008—Exhibition “B.O.A.”, “Green Sofa” gallery, Lviv.

2009, 2011 “No offence” group project of “Green Sofa” gallery

2009 ART Vilnius in cooperation with Tseh gallery

2010 “Abstractionism of reality”, Lviv Week of Contemporary Art
2011 Personal exhibition. Kyiv Fine Art.
2013 “Fragmentation” – group exhibition, Ilko gallery (Uzhhorod).
2013 “Milk clouds”. Personal exhibition, Shcherbenko Art gallery (Kyiv)
2014 “Insomnia” group exhibition Ilko gallery (Uzhhorod)
2014 “The Great Pereviz”. Group exhibition, Lviv Palace of Arts
2014 ART-KYIV Contemporary, group exhibition, Art Arsenal (Kyiv)
2014 “Great Pereviz” – group exhibition Ilko Gallery (Uzhhorod)
2014 “Biro” group exhibition, Ilko gallery (Uzhgorod)
2014 “Insomnia”, group exhibition, Ilko gallery (Uzhgorod)
2014 “Sheet”, group exhibition, Ilko Gallery (Uzhhorod)
2014 “WAR”, group exhibition Magellan shopping center (Kharkov)
2015 “Newest Realism”, group exhibition, Transcarpathian Museum named after Bokshay (Uzhhorod)
2015 “Abstraction of Reality”, group exhibition Ilko gallery (Uzhhorod)
2015 “One day”, group exhibition, “Art na Mur” gallery (Ivano-Frankivsk)
2015 Western Ukrainian contemporary art, group exhibition in Lyubomyrskyi Padak (Lviv)
2015 “Communication”, International painting symposium (Svalyava, Ivano-Frankivsk region)
2015 “Moved On”, group exhibition, Shcherbenko ART gallery (Kyiv)
2015 “(Good Deeds will be updated)”, group exhibition, National Museum named after Taras Shevchenko (Kyiv)
2016 “Immersion”, personal exhibition “TseGlyna” gallery in cooperation with SkyArtFoundation (Kyiv)
2016 TseGlyna Festival of Modern Ceramics (Kyiv)
2016 “VOTO 2016”, group exhibition Ilko gallery (Uzhgorod)
2016 “Women’s art project”, group exhibition, Chocolate House (Kyiv)
2017 “Farewell Word”, group exhibition, Owl’s Nest gallery (Uzhgorod)
2017 “Process-3”, group exhibition, Ilko gallery (Uzhgorod)
2017 “Light”, group exhibition, TseGlyna gallery (Kyiv)
2017 Festival of modern ceramics TseGlyna (Kyiv)
2017 “CORPUSCULUM 2”, group exhibition, Lavra Gallery (Kyiv)
2017 Group exhibition at the Museum named after Taras Shevchenko (Beijing)
2018 Group exhibition Germany (Dusseldorf)
2019 Group exhibition Dzyga gallery (Lviv)
2020 “Decline – Revival”, personal exhibition, Korsaki Museum of Modern Art (Lutsk)

2021 “Lost”, personal gallery of Tetyana Mironova (Kyiv)

Beata`s works are kept in the collection of Luciano Benetton, the National Museum named after Taras Shevchenko
in Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko Museum in Beijing, as well in many privat collections of Ukraine.