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BO. Beata Korn and Olha Pylnyk exhibition. 24.10-17.11. 2023

BO. Beata Korn and Olha Pylnyk exhibition. 24.10-17.11. 2023

Two artists, Beata Korn and Olha Pylnyk, who are working with ceramics in the art, will present their solo exhibition “BO” (the abbreviation consists of the first letters of both artists’ names: Beata and Olha) at the Green Sofa Gallery.

Ceramics is the oldest human craft, and it is also the most versatile. It has almost no drawbacks (except for fragility). It is used for everything, from jewelry to components in spacecraft. It has turned out that ceramics is the most accessible material for female artists to create the sculptures.

Beata and Olha have been beefing friends since childhood. They also are classmates, and colleagues at the field of art. They are also both from Uzhhorod (Uzhhorod is a city in western Ukraine). So it’s not a coincidence, and it’s not the first time they create the joint projects.

The initial letters of their names form the abbreviation “BO”. (In English, ukrainian  preposition “бо” is translated as “because”).

So, the artists is creating the exhibition because of:

“Despite the war, there is a desire to create

Because now more than ever there is a need for beauty

Because we’ve been friends for 28 years

Because we attended the same art school but create in different cities

Because art is an escape from everyday life

Because ceramics is a special material that unites

Because we haven’t had a joint exhibition for a long time

Because it’s interesting to experiment with the material

Because we love the Green Sofa gallery

Beata Korn (born in 1980) works with biomorphic and abstract forms. She reflects on the morphology of life, the artificial and natural aspects of its forms, the emotional state of society, and human behavioral biology.

Olga Pylnyk (born in 1980) is one of the brightest representatives of contemporary ceramics art in Ukraine. Since 2017, she has been working on ecological themes in art, reflecting on current global issues. Her woven sculptures pay homage to handwork in textiles and the responsible approach to clothing creation, known as “slow fashion.” Both artists have created and developed their own lines of ceramic decor for interior design.