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Mira Bachkur. Gethsemane. August 1-27, 2023

Mira Bachkur. Gethsemane. August 1-27, 2023

Why does it happen? The question sounss throughout the entire history of humanity and continues to do so until now. The expanse of the universe was void of people, and only the garden was a place for life. The Garden of Gethsemane – a place of questioning.

Mira Bachkur.

At the personal graphic exhibition, the artist will present a new series of works based on her own analog photos, as well as a video recording of a performance involving the sacrificial offering of a self-made lamb.


Mira Bachkur was born in 1990 in Lviv. Graduated from the Ivan Trush Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts and the Lviv National Academy of Arts, faculty of interior design.

She has fully dedicated herself to painting, since 2014. Since then, her works have been exhibited and found in private collections in Ukraine, Austria, Turkey, India, Germany, England, Spain, Taiwan, Italy, the USA and Israel, as well as the following personal exhibitions were held: “Limit”, “Result”, “Medel”, “Vice Versa”.
During the war, Mira continued to develop the subject matters of her creative work, updating only the means and forms of expression. She has worked with the theme of cruelty and mersy for past few years.