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Yuriy Koval “Project in process”. 9.05.23

Yuriy Koval “Project in process”. 9.05.23

In the last year an opinion about life experience appears quite often. This experience that has been gotten at various levels, seems to be sometimes located almost at the depth of genetics. It is also sometimes accumulated under the surface of everyday perception. But, one way or another, it shapes you as a person – this baggage is subconsciously with us, despite the layers, in our case, of the Soviet past and its propaganda. This baggage is like an acquired thing that was not needed in life, but it is also difficult to throw it away. And this information rubbish becomes a vital part of the new paradigm. How to discard unnecessary information?

The process of changing and re-awaring of the importance of worldview redesign,  you realize that the basis is still the same acquired experience. Like to beat the air.

John Berger said that a person, for the first time after birth, begins to see. Sight is the foundation of our identity. And along with vision, the baby develops urges for introspection, a subconscious sense of harmony and beauty of the surrounding world. Everything around is filled with a whimsical and fantastic flair. And all these things happen before a newborn person gets acquainted with the concepts of evil and good, with the moral norms of society.

The blind spot is the place where the optic nerve exits out of the retina of the eye. This area of the retina is devoid of photoreceptors and does not perceive light. Its area (normally) is from 2.5 to 6 mm². Objects whose image falls on this area are not visible to the eye. The blind spot was discovered in 1668.

Over time, colored and “blind spots” combine to become everyday things around us.

Sometimes I think about the normality of my own understanding of things around me and about what we have achieved or lost. And is it possible to return to the point of formation of something new, different through the empirical experience of the present?

Yuriy Koval with Inga Esterkin redaction.

“Project in the process of creation” is a series of 10 still-lifes by Yuriy Koval, created during 2022-23 in Lviv, in which ordinary household objects interrupt abstract spots.

The exhibition is open from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., except Mondays.

Opening will take place on May 9 at 18.00.