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Serhiy Dekaliuk “Almost spring”. 14 February – 12 March, 2023

Serhiy Dekaliuk “Almost spring”. 14 February – 12 March, 2023

At the exhibition of the artist from Zbarazh, there will be a premiere of paintings created during this year.

As Serhii says: “Every time I worked, I assured myself that people in my country had changed, become better, stronger, and became ready for anything for the sake of victory. Works that were created during a period loaded with difficult events are united by the belief in victory. In the spring, which will surely come.

It would be unfair on my part to paint a picture of war, because I am in a relatively quiet place and, fortunately, I did not hear anything more terrible than air raid sirens. I set myself the task of creating at least one work per a week. At the heart of my abstract creativity is a reference to people – to be free. In my opinion, everyone knows how to do it – you need to renounce “yesterday’s self” and move forward.

My canvases have large formats, smooth lines, and bright spots. It is written in an expressive manner on a canvas that is not completely painted and “breathes freely”, serving only as a hint of the path to liberation and freedom. At least for me.”

The opening of the exhibition of Serhii Dekaliuk will take place on February 14 at 5:00 p.m

Entrance to the exhibition is free.

The Green sofa gallery schedule: 12-7 p.m., except Monday.

Works are for sale. 10% – aid to victims of Russia’s war against Ukraine.

Dekalyuk Serhiy was born in 1983 in Zbarazh, Ternopil region. He was educated at the Uzhhorod College named after Erdeli and at the Lviv Academy of Arts (graduation year 2010).
Since 2006, he has been participating in regional and international art exhibitions and competitions in Ukraine, in particular in Ivano-Frankivsk, Kyiv, Lviv, Ternopil, Kharkiv. Mariupol, Vinnytsia and Chernivtsi.
Personal exhibitions:
2020 – “Olympic calm”. Ternopil Regional Art Museum.
2019 – The color of a large form. PRO Art Gallery, Lviv.
2018 – Joy and sadness. Bunkermuz Gallery, Ternopil.
2017 – Abstraction as life. AVEK Gallery, Kharkiv.
2017 – Abstraction as life. Gallery “Art on the wall”, Ivano Frankivsk.
2016 – “Color. Space”. Bastion, Ivano Frankivsk.
2015 – “And there will be people.” Bunkermuz Gallery, Terno