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Ivan Protsiv. “Road to Home”. 22.11 – 11.12.2022

Ivan Protsiv. “Road to Home”. 22.11 – 11.12.2022

During the previous 20 years, the Lviv artist, originally came from the village with the beautiful name of Knyazholuka (Prince meadow) in the Carpathians, has collected more than two decades of landscapes that have not been presented to the public until now.

There is no urbanscape. There are only colorful flowered fields, views of the Svicha River, and washed-up stones after the flood. There are swallows’ nests in the coastal slope, and Yasna Hora with the monastery of the Vassilian Fathers on its top. A separate line is graphically perfect “portraits’ ‘ of trees. It is monochrome, close in style to the meditative philosophy of the art of the East, Japan.

Previously, Ivan Protsiv often came to his childhood home and went “for sketches”. Ivan likes solitary contemplation. His landscapes reflect this state, and these images of his native and so beloved land.

Today, “The Road Home” resonates with the warm nostalgia of many Ukrainians. We love our land, and our small homeland – even more intensely. At the same time, this exhibition has all the prerequisites to become a refreshing aesthetic experience for its viewers.


Ivan Protsiv

Born 1958 in Ivano-Frankivsk region.

Educstion: 1977 Art College Ivan Trush; 1984 – Lviv Art Institute.

Took part in art exhibitions since 1986. Member of Artist Union of Ukraine since 1992. Proffesor of painting in Lviv Art Academy since 2000.

Honored Art Leader of Ukraine since 2008.                                                               He has held more than 20 solo exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. (Toronto, 1990, 2003; Kyiv 2016, Lviv National art Museum 1996, 2011, 2018; Green Sofa Gallery 2009, 2014).

His works are in collection of Ministry of Culture Ukraine, State museums and private collection of Ukraine, Canada, France, Spaine, UK, Hungarian, Poland, Cina.