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Still a Human. Ceramic sculpture of Hanna Drul. 25.10 – 20.11.22.

Still a Human. Ceramic sculpture of Hanna Drul. 25.10 – 20.11.22.

One of the best artists that is working with the most ancient and eternally relevant ceramic material in Lviv – Hanna Drul.

The artist will present her personal exhibition in the Green Sofa gallery created over the past two years. This exhibition of Hanna’s sculptures, with a few exceptions, is entirely devoted to situations with the presence of a human figure.

“I have always been inspired only by human. A person is still the main object of my interest – his aspirations, preferences, goals, faith. Human is the driver of progress and the creator of civilization. Human is an artist and the author of masterpieces. Human has the ability to love. Human has an ability to sacrifice himself. And at the same time, it is the cause of ecological and social disasters, its innate aggression is a catalyst for wars. And then the question arises: is it still a human? I don’t have an answer, I ask a question” – Hanna tells.

Hanna Drul.

Education: Lviv College of Applied Arts (1979), Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts (1984). Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine (1993); Member of IAC (2019). Laureate of the regional award named after Z. Flinta for 1998; “Grand Prix” of the All-Ukrainian Symposium of Monumental Ceramics in Opishna (1999); First prize of the All-Ukrainian Symposium of Artistic Ceramics (Slovyansk, 2005); Personal exhibitions: “Artes” (Lviv, 1989); “And Chasing the Wind…” (Lviv, 2000); Willa Deciusza (Krakow, 2003); “Word searches” (Krakow, 2004); “Expelled from Paradise” (Lviv, 2006); “Tettles, women, children and flowers” (Lviv, 2013); “Constant” (Lviv, 2013, Chernivtsi, 2014); “Garden” (Lviv, 2015, Odesa, 2016); “Architecture of relations” (Lviv, 2020)