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Petro Smetana. Venecian Collection 2022. 18-23.10.22

Petro Smetana. Venecian Collection 2022. 18-23.10.22

Currently, the main artistic event in the world – the 59th Biennale of Contemporary Art – is taking place in Venice. Attending the event is a mandatory program for everyone involved in the world of art. It is the dream of every artist to take part in it. There also is a representative pavilion of most countries of the world. The representative part of Ukraine state this year is a project by Pavlo Makov (Kharkiv artist). 

In addition to him, Ukraine is also represented with special projects organized by the Pinchuk Art Center (Kyiv) and another one organized by our gallery The second project is the “Resurrection” created by Petro Smetana.

We are so proud. This is the first time in the 127-years history of existence of Biennale Arte, an exhibition of an artist from the city of Lviv is taking place!

The Biennale ECC–Personal Structure, at which our exhibition is presented, is currently going on in Venice. It can be visited until November 27, 2022. It is predicted that this project (and the exhibition of Petro Smetana) will be seen by 600,000 to 1 million viewers. The prediction was made according to the European Cultural Center.

A personal exhibition for seven month in the center of Venice during the Venice Biennale is not a cheap pleasure. You already know that Ukrainians are capable of surprising the whole world with their strong nation, army, culture and caring people. This is what happened this time. Despite the start of a full-scale war, we were able to carry out an act of cultural diplomacy, which would not have happened without the support of the Union of sponsors from Lviv, Kyiv, Vienna and Vinnytsia: Oksana Bayuk, Lidiya Bilas, Roman Ivanenko, Olexiy and Ksenia Kurylyshyn, Uliana Kostyshyn, Serhiy and Olena Lavreniuk, Ihor and Yuriy Nazarkevych, Marianna Piliak, Viktor Sliusarenko, Taras Khmelovskyi, Andriy Khudo, Marta Yankiv, Oksana Yurynets and Vector Software company.

The Venetian collection is the works of Petero Smetana created especially for them.

Before the time when these works find place in their collections, everyone will be able to see it at the exhibition in the Green Sofa gallery.

P.S: We are gratefull for all donates from different people, particular Kateryna Kit-Sadova, Stanislav Dovhyi, Oksana Patyk and maybe you! Take this way to donate Help for logistic an exhibition