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TERRA UKRAINA Special project of the Ukrainian Association of Gallerists at Art Zagreb . 2022/09/15-18

TERRA UKRAINA  Special project of the Ukrainian Association of Gallerists at Art Zagreb . 2022/09/15-18

As part of the Art Zagreb international fair, five galleries from Lviv presented the works of ten Ukrainian artists from all Ukraine.

During the event, there also was a program that  included a panel discussion about Ukrainian culture during the war and a charity sale, the proceeds of which has donated to the Museum Crisis Center in Ukraine.

From the first days of the war, the association of gallerists took an active position. We were involved in the creation of a document that switched on the process of cultural sanctions against the aggressor. Thanks to the support of the partners, we organized a program of cultural events for temporarily displaced persons later.  It was called “Lviv Meets You. Art, Walks, Communication”.

This exhibition is the first step of the joint participation of the galleries included in the association as organizers of the exhibition special project for Art Zagreb.

“Our foreign friends ask questions: “How are you?” The best way to answer may be this exhibition. We defend our country and the entire civilized world on all fronts. Culture is more active than ever. It is a litmus test of our unity, faith in the future and desire to get victory.

In the Terra Ukraina project, the galleries present the works of authors which were created during the war or in anticipation of it. The exhibition takes place in the space of the Zagreb Academy of Arts, where Art Zagreb will be held  this year.

Terra Ukraina – this is how the French engineer and cartographer Guillaume Levasseur de Beauplan called Ukraine in Latin on his maps from 1648. Today, we are a striking example of how citizens fight back against a great aggressor, protecting their culture, land and people. “Liberty, a congenital sense of freedom, and creativity are our soul and power.” – writes exhibition curator Pavlo Gudimov.

Glory to Ukraine!


Project curator -Marta Trotsyuk

Exhibition curator -Pavlo Gudimov




Art Gallery of Madam Palmgren (

Gallery 101 (

Green Sofa Gallery (

IconArt Gallery (

Ya Gallery (



Mira Bachkur

Yuriy Koval

Mykola Malyshko

Denys Metelin

Dmytro Moldavanov

Olena Smaga

Veronika Cherednychenko

Yuriy Shapoval

Albina Yaloza

Ihor Yanovych

Thanks to the support to the European Commission in Croatia.



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