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Chaos and Aesthetics. Ihor Kolisnyk. 31.05 – 26.06.2022

Chaos and Aesthetics. Ihor Kolisnyk. 31.05 – 26.06.2022

Since the beginning of the war, a lot of artists have reflected through the process of creating art. Despite the intolerance of the situation that is the reason for creativity, most of them still formally follow the dogmas of visual aesthetics, not anti-aesthetics. How can it be possible?

The most incredible works of art are often the plot of the most tragic pages of human existence. This process perhaps can be possible due to the purity of experiences.

There is no space for half-feelings. Wickedness and goodness are manifested. The greatest values ​​of human existence become clear and distinct.

At the beginning of the war Igor Kolisnyk created a new series of works. War causes chaos. Igor reflects it by changing the ground with the sky in places, turning the flag upside down. Every occurrence that happens around us breaks the logic of life, breaks its flow. Everything happens wrong and out of time. It causes confusion and emotional shock. However, the artist sublimates it into aesthetics. The process of creativity does not stop. Life is beautiful while it continues.

Kolisnyk Igor Stepanovych. Born April 19th, 1956. Graduated I.Trush Lviv State College of Applied and Decorative Art in 1977, Art Decoration Department. 1988 to present – Chief Artist in Private Joint Stock Company “Gal-Expo”. During this time Igor Kolisnyk supervised more than 600 international exhibits and presentations. 2000 to present – Member of National Union of Ukrainian Artists and Chief of Lviv region of NUUA. Igor is specialising in design, painting and graphics. His art was presented in more than 30 personal exhibitions. Currently working on publishing Art-Poetry Album “Image and Word”, based on more more than 100 poetic descriptions to his paintings (I.Kolisnyk & O.Davyda)