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Lines, 3-29.05.22. Iryna Dzyndra paintings exhibition

Lines, 3-29.05.22. Iryna Dzyndra paintings exhibition

Line – dash, stripe, border, length, geometric object by definition. The line outlines the limit, indicates the direction, and determines the order. Horizon lines, borders of countries, borders of personal space, borders of rationality and common sense. It would seem that the construction is clear. However, how immovable is it and how imaginary is it? Lines on canvases build composition, form visions, demonstrate and illustrate ideas, processes of finding answers, understanding the environment and self-awareness.

 Iryna Dzyndra.

Lviv artist Iryna Dzyndra will present her new series of paintings at the Green Sofa Gallery. Minimalist landscapes, geometric images of the earth, bright, expressive and linear graphic.


She was born in Lutsk.


Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts. I.Trush, Lviv Academy of Arts.

Area of professional interests: painting, graphics, tempered glass.

She has given six solo exhibitions and participated in many joint Ukrainian and international art projects.