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Lesia Babliak “Yellow-blue album”. April, 29, 2002

Lesia Babliak “Yellow-blue album”. April, 29, 2002

The exhibition of sketches which were made during the war.
The war has just begun. At first, sounds of explosions somewhere far away scared me. I was counting them. Then I got used to it. Sun was shining down on my yard and local grocery stores in the village were still working. That one thought was on my mind all the time – war will end tomorrow.

But suddenly, just some tomorrow, my family was sitting in a basement, because of the sounds of explosions which were more and more close and often. At first, we even arranged our basement quite comfortably. Brought there warm clothes, heater, some water, furniture from the garden for comfortable staying in there. And only one thought on my mind – tomorrow it will all end.
Everything changed with an insane speed. The very next “tomorrow”, column of russian tanks were bombed in our village. While being in the basement, sounds that came were so horrifying that we bent down and opened out mouths wide open so that we won’t be stunned. The whole time I listened to projectiles flying somewhere around and where will it land. You may go insane because of these sounds above your head. To be distracted from it just a little bit, I had a diary in my phone. And even then that one thought wouldn’t leave my mind – tomorrow it will all end.
But in the next morning – there’s new tanks. Even closer then before. From news I found out that our village might get surrounded.
The decision to go away we did on place. After 20 minutes we locked our house. Took the documents, warm jackets and gone away through the field…
I can barely remember these 20 minutes. It’s impossible to prepare for the things like that. We were saving our lives. I don’t know where were out dog and cat at the moment. We had to leave them. We had to leave everything. That was the moment, I thought it couldn’t get worse.
But ukrainian people are going through the hell on Earth in their ruined cities and villages…
And my village Buzova of Bucha District, Kyiv region is still the place of battlefield. There tyrants were shooting in a district areas and cars with peaceful people in them on purpose. Not giving access to create humanitarian corridor. People are dying and being buried on their backyards. Nowadays I see the tragedy of my people through lenses of photographers and pictures from social networks, while staying in Lviv. These photos are what I draw from. While trying to ease my pain.
Because they came to kill us. russia. Every single one of us. The whole Ukraine. I currently and every evening have only one thing on my mind – I’ll wake up and the war will be over…
I wanna come back to my home.
I want russia to burn in hell for all the things they did.

paper, acrylic colors, 50×35 cm,  prise: 5000 UH, 10% from price we donate for ukrainian army.

Biographical information:

Lesia was born in 1977 in the Lviv region.

She studied at the Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts. I. Trusha and Lviv Academy of Arts.

She is a member of the Union of Fine Artists of Australia and the Ukrainian W’ART Women’s Art Foundation.

2007 – first personal exhibition “My Flower Garden” in gallery Green Sofa

2009 –  the exhibition “Two Palettes”  in gallery Green Sofa.

She is a participant in many group exhibitions.

Lives in Kyiv.