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“Ressurection”. Petro Smetana exhibition in “Personal Structure” bienalle in Venice. April, 23 – November, 27 2022

Probably our most ambitious project.
The Green Sofa Gallery will presents for the first time the exhibition of Petro Smetana from Lviv, within the project of the European Cultural Center ECC-Personal Structure in Venice, during the 59th Venice Biennale from April 23 to November 27, 2022.
Can you imagine? A separate exhibition of the Lviv artist, lasting seven months, at the Palazzo Mora, with an estimated attendance of 600 thousand – 1 million spectators?
We create the image of Ukraine as a country of contemporary art in the world together and the war don`t break us!
Alive with art!
Until recently, the statement about the preservation of work after the creator’s death was correct – temporary things aren’t credible.
Human life is a short episode. But now, in the period of a total lack of space, time, and memory, this statement limits the development of art.
The creators of our past, whose material legacy we see, weren`t into the conflict of nature-industry, regress-progress.
So I am figuring out: is such a material heritage a benefit or just a dust?
We see the resurrection before us through the death, which is visible and touchable. In fact, death goes ahead of life. This is exactly how the painful birth of new spirituality takes place. New life emerges from uprise material.
Petro Smetana, the artist.
Presented by Gallery Green Sofa, Lviv, Ukraine.
Curator: Olesia Domaradzka
Co-organizer: Ivona Loban

🇺🇦 10% of the proceeds from the sale of these paintings will be donated to the affected museums of Ukraine

Film about this project. Made special for film festival for European Cultural Centre:

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Our interwiev to the European Cultural Centre in Venice about exhibition Ressurection of Petro Smetana.
About why we are there in the beautiful Palazzo Mora in Venice.
Why we choose Petro Smetana for the very first exhibition abroad.
How this exbition correlated with war in Ukraine.

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