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Ivan Vynarchyk. “Remision”. February, 8 – March, 6, 2022.

Ivan Vynarchyk. “Remision”. February, 8 – March, 6, 2022.

The purpose of “Remission” is to transform the audience’s projection of violence in tragic historical periods by rethinking the experience.

After a while, any social phenomenon acquires a symbolic meaning: reality becomes a myth, a myth becomes a legend, and a legend becomes a fairy tale. Collective memory is prone to interpretations. It is the only benchmark in the world that consisted of endless fragments of losses and achievements, detachment, and compassion.

What the free memory is? Is it possible to look objectively at the tragic experience of humanity to get your soul clean?

For the first time in the Green Sofa Gallery Ivan Vynarchyk, the inhabitant of Lviv, presents a series of his paintings, which he was working on in 2014-2019.

Ivan Vynarchyk is an artist, director, writer, poet, and screenwriter.

In 2006-2012 he studied at the Faculty of Decorative and Applied Arts, Department of Art Wood, at Lviv National Academy of Arts.

Personal art exhibitions: Museum of Ideas, Lviv 2014 Villa Yarosha, Drohobych 2014 Palace of Arts, Drohobych 2017 CHECH Gallery, Ivano-Frankivsk 2019 .