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Vasyl Bodnarchuk “Reprises”. 23.11.- 12.12.2021

Vasyl Bodnarchuk “Reprises”. 23.11.- 12.12.2021

Vasyl Bodnarchuk, artist-ceramist, presented his first solo exhibition in 1998.

Although his professional activities have a lot longer history. 20-25 years ago Vasyl discovered the creative form that spoke to his soul – сeramic sheet. (Ceramic stratum).

At that time he created a big series of ceramic sheets with the pictures of female bodies in the achromatic natural colours. After that he became keen on painting.

And now, naturally, he decided to combine those two loves of his by creating ceramic sheets painted with rich colourful enamels – so the painting on ceramic was born. Of course it has become possible thanks to the rich selection of enamel colours which were unavailable in the 90s in Ukraine.

In that way he created his series of ceramic sheets which are going to be presented in his solo show Reprises.

In the music form reprise is the last main part which repeats the first main part with some alterations. In the Bodnarchuk’s exhibition in the Green Sofa gallery, Reprises are represented by old monochromatic sheets boldly revived with brave enamel colours and thus brought to the level of abstract art.


VASYL BODNARCHUK is typical representer of lviv ceramic art school.

He was born in 1948 in Tiazov village in Stanislav region (now Ivano-Frankivsk region). Studied at the Kosiv School of Applied Arts (1963-1968) and at the Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts (1970-1975).

Participant in All-Ukrainian symposiums of ceramics in Opishne (Diploma 2000, 2001). Since 2000 teacher of the Department of Art Pottery at the Lviv National Academy of Arts. 2007-2008 – participant of international exhibitions of European art in Ravich, Poland. He is the author of 21 personal exhibitions in Ukraine and Poland, as well as participant of more than 100 exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. Since 2009 – Honored Artist of Ukraine. In 2011 Associate Professor of the Department of Art Pottery at the Lviv National Academy of Arts. From 2016 – private professor of  the Lviv National Academy of Arts.

He is engaged in ceramics of exhibition character, architectural and landscape ceramics, painting and graphics.

The art works are in the collections of the Museum of Ethnography and Arts in Lviv, the National Museum of the Reserve in Opishne, Concern Electron, Electron Bank, Western Ukrainian Commercial Bank, Bank Lviv and others. Also in private collections in the USA, Canada, Poland, Russia and Ukraine.

In 2017 Bodnarchuk presented her solo exhibition “Silhouettes of Lviv”

in Green Sofa gallery.