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LANGUAGE OF HANDS. Exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Lyudmyla Davydenko. 26.10 – 21.11. 2021

LANGUAGE OF HANDS. Exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Lyudmyla Davydenko. 26.10 – 21.11. 2021

Even at the previous exhibition in the “Green Sofa” art gallery – “Head” (2017), Lyudmyla Davydenko began to depict hands. Sometimes as support and resistance for the human head, hands that cover the ears or mouth, hands that cover the eyes. And then, during the lockdown, the hands became the target of the artist’s attention.

Pairs of palms held in different gestures – from prayer to restraint, Lyudmyla sculpted and sculpted. The artist’s hands are very textured. They seem to be deprived of a protective layer – the bare structure of a huge number of muscles, veins and tendons.

The artist says that her grandmother’s hands became a vivid memory – a sacred prototype for her sculptures. It is their image that comes to mind when Lyudmyla thinks about the image of hands. Hands – tactile. During the lockdown we were forbidden to shake hands, touch the hands of strangers, it is desirable to wear rubber gloves. And that’s the only way we understood – how important tactility of hands is for us. A handshake is a symbol of trust, and different touches can say more than words.

Hands – eloquent. Hands tell who a person is. The musician and the gardener have different hands. Mother`s and father`s hands have different languages. And there are gestures – they can say so much and they will succinctly convey what there are not enough words.

At the personal exhibition “Language of Hands” Lyudmyla Davydenko will present new ceramic sculptures and paintings in her characteristic style, which she once called “Rhizomes” (in the biology of plant rhizome growth).

information about the artist:

Lyudmila Davydenko works in the abstract associative painting and ceramics. Participant of numerous group exhibitions, plein airs, winner of awards and distinctions as a painter and sculptor.

Among them are some awards. O. de Balzac Prize of the Alliance Française organization (2013), a first-degree diploma in the art project “Abstract Art 2019” (Ivano-Frankivsk), a diploma of the international exhibition of abstract painting “ART-ACT 2019” (Chernivtsi), etc.

More than 20 solo exhibitions took place in Ukraine and abroad.

The artist’s works took place at Contemporary Art Kyiv, Lviv Fashion Week, ART ZURICH, Art Paris, RHY Art Fire Basel, Lviv Art Days, International Triennial SILVER QUADRANGLE. art works are representing in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Germany, USA, France, Spain and Switzerland.

Lives and works in Lviv.