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Unframed meeting. Painting by Wictoria Dubovyk. 31/08 – 26/09/ 2021

Unframed meeting. Painting by Wictoria Dubovyk. 31/08 – 26/09/ 2021

The exhibition “Unframed Meeting” is the result of reflections on the quarantine and therefore framed period of society’s limitations in various spheres of life.

It is the result of my free movement between different styles, between abstraction and figurative art. A combination of two series, such as “Associative Abstraction” and “Totem” (images of totem animals).

Going beyond these two series means consciously avoiding self-restraint through the choice of theme, color palette. As well as the conscious avoidance of the manifestations of drama in the depicted plots. This is my attempt to expand the space through the emotions that filled me during the “quarantine” framework.

Victoria Dubovyk.


Viktoria Dubovyk  was born and lives in Lviv.

After graduating from LNIPDM, he teaches at the Lviv National Academy of Arts. Private Associate Professor of Art Textiles.

Author of more than 30 solo exhibitions (Ukraine, Poland, Canada) and participant
numerous regional and international art exhibitions and symposia.

The works are stored in museums in Ukraine, Poland and private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Canada, France, Belgium, Germany, China, Kuwait, Israel, America.