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Denys Struk. LUXURY ITEMS. Painting exhibition. 3 – 29/08/2021

Denys Struk. LUXURY ITEMS. Painting exhibition. 3 – 29/08/2021

We define values, values define us. What we consider valuable is worthless without us. The things that inspire us are no longer just things. The most valuable is worth nothing. Gold is under our feet.

Denys Struk

Art objects are included in the list of luxury items. This postulate has no opposition in the generally accepted system of values.

At the same time, art is considered real when it is out of commerce. An artist who creates to order – a businessman and a craftsman? And at the same time the best examples of classical art at least until the end of the 19th century were created to order. The artist is a victim and a priest of the contradictions inherent in the value system.

Denys Struk will present a series of new paintings with the working title “Golden Collection”. After all, almost every work in the exhibition will contain a golden leaf in the canvas of painting. Such a luxurious detail that will be a symbol of the concept of “Luxury Items”.

This exhibition will be the seventh personal exhibition in the “Green Sofa” Art Gallery. After the last of these exhibitions in 2018, Denys Struk presented his work at the international level. In particular, he participated in the residences of “Cinema & Identity” (Berlin), “Istanbul Artist Residency” (Istanbul) and the International Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art (Florence) in 2019. He held three solo exhibitions in Lviv (2020 – 2021), and also took part in the “Istanbul Artist Residency” (2020) for the second time.