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HONEY! Olena Zherebetska art project. 23/02 – 21/03/2021

The exhibition of artist, designer and teacher Olena Zherebetska will present a crossover of ecology, painting and fashion in the art space of the “Green Sofa” gallery.

Honey is a product of bee life, which was used by our ancestors before agriculture namely 13,000 years ago. This is a symbol of harmonious symbiosis of human life with nature.

The idea to address the topic of bees came from the artist with the beginning of quarantine.

“We were all locked inside our apartments. Enclosed space. Anxiety. Restrictions of movement. And outside the window, spring begins its life movement. Open window. The bee flew in. And here comes the realization that life is simple and beautiful, that there is everything outside the window that you may not have noticed.

The bee resembled a myth. Albert Einstein said: “After the extinction of all bees, humanity will last only four years.” Maybe it is true, maybe not – and we do not want to check.

We do not give up. We like those hard-working bees are always in dynamics.

Creativity, paints and brushes, escape from reality, search for truth, life-affirming motivation to move, thoughts about the important and basic, about saving life – saving bees. Amazing, small and so important insects as the element, sign, symbol and quintessence.

HONEY! As the most beautiful and real gold. ”

Olena Zherebetska


Biography: Olena Zherebetska was born in Lviv. She graduated from LNAA (Lviv National Academy of Arts). Works as a senior teacher at UAP (Ukrainian Academy of Printing, Department of Book and Easel Graphics).

Olena Zherebetska is an Artist, public figure, active participant and organizer of art projects in Ukraine and abroad. Member of the Union of Designers of Ukraine.

Member of the Lviv regional organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. For many years she worked creatively in the field of painting. She has participated in dozens of art exhibitions in Ukraine, Poland, France, the Czech Republic and Israel. She has given 8 solo exhibitions in Lviv, Drohobych and Paris.