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Embroiderers. Olesya Kaznokh 17.11 – 13.12.2020

Embroiderers. Olesya Kaznokh  17.11 – 13.12.2020

The heroes of my exhibition are embroiderers – young people. Symbolically, they are the people of the future.

They are surrounded by the latest architecture of the cities around the world and even in space and underwater.

And they are engaged in embroidery there, which is a symbol of handicrafts and sincere folk art from ancient times.

They proudly show their embroidered towels. They are carried them like a flag, as a symbol of the inseparability of traditions.

Embroiderers ask the viewer: how relevant in the future will be the practices of the past in a broad sense? Which of them will live? Which ones will they forget? Which ones will be actualized?

They tell an optimistic picture of the future, in which traditions take their place. Traditions are interesting, they integrate and at the same time contrast with digitalized way of life of the future.

People of the future on my canvases are proud of their ability to embroider. And this is also symbolic on issues related to the development of contemporary art.

All my compositions are essentially a photo collage that can be done on a computer. However, I deliberately use a traditional technique – oil painting. Thus paying tribute to the traditional art and predicting that it will also live in the future and remain relevant.

Embroiderers are me as an artist. I am the one who holds on to memory, traditions and all the positive possessions of the past as an anchor, but with a view to the future and with full optimistic acceptance of its changes.

Olesya Kaznokh