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Serhiy Savchenko and Kamila Bednarska. ” However, we are left with love as a compensation.” September 25 – October 18, 2020.

Serhiy Savchenko and Kamila Bednarska. ” However, we are left with love as a compensation.” September 25 – October 18, 2020.
 “Scientific materialism and progress have undermined the foundations of all traditional religions, and it is clear that no society can exist without religion. All hopes for the synthesis of science and religion are dashed by the obvious death of matter, vanity and cruelty. The spread of which cannot be stopped. However, we are left with love as a compensation. ”
“The metaphysical mutation operated by modern science leads to individualism, vanity, hatred and desire. Unlike pleasure, desire is inherently a source of suffering, anger, and misery. All philosophers, not only Buddhists, not only Christians but all who deserve to be called philosophers knew about it and taught it. The way out proposed by the utopians from Plato to Huxley, including Fourier, is to appease desire and suffering by satisfying them immediately. Advertising and erotic society in which we live seeks to organize the desire, to spread it on an incredible scale, restraining its satisfaction within the intimate sphere. In order for such a desire not to cease, it is necessary to increase the desire, it is necessary that it does not stop, spreading, devouring human life. ”
Michelle Welbeck. “Elementary particles”.
In parallel, two exhibitions of one series of works by Lviv resident will take place in Gdansk and in Lviv. One of the most charismatic and important artists of contemporary art of Lviv and Ukraine Serhiy Savchenko and Kamila Bednarska (Gdansk).
“Savchenko Gallery”, Gdańsk: Kamila Bednarska (painting) and  Serhiy Savchenko (painting, graphics, video).
“Green Sofa” Gallery, Lviv: Kamila Bednarska (collage) and Savchenko (painting, graphics, video (animation)).

Serhiy Savchenko

Born 1972 in Lviv, Ukraine.
In 1991 graduated from the Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Arts named by I. Trush.
1998 graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts.

Works in the field of painting, drawing, photography, video, animation, street sculpture, object.
Ex Curator of residencies program in Museum of Ideas in Lviv, Ukraine
Participates in international residencies, workshops and art events in Ukraine and worldwide.
Founder of the Savchenko Gallery in Gdansk, Poland. .
Lives and works in Lviv, Ukraine and Gdansk, Poland.

In his biography about 60 solo exhibitions in Ukraine, France, Iceland, Germany, Russia, UK, USA, Swiss and Netherlands.

Kamila Bednarska was born in 1983 in Rzeszów, Poland.
She studied at the Faculty of Arts at the University of Rzeszow,
in 2009 she received a diploma with honors.
Since 2011 he has been a member of Dorotheya Fleiss & East West Artists.
Since 2012 – President of the Association for the Promotion and Development of Culture and Arts “Border Circle”.
Assistant lecturer in the Department of Arts of Rzeszów University.
Works in painting and graphics.
Member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers.
Participant of 7 solo and 60 group exhibitions in Poland and abroad (Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, Greece, Romania, Egypt, USA).

coexistence from serhiy savchenko on Vimeo.