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Oleg Denysenko “Wings”

Oleg Denysenko “Wings”

The truth is unattainable. But the very attempt to touch it gives meaning to life, giving the wings for mental flights.

There is a legend that in ancient times, when the Earth was much younger, and people knew how to communicate with the heavens, there was a special brotherhood – the Flying People. They could do almost anything. Proximity to heaven made them demigods, opening up unlimited possibilities. Nobody knows where they disappeared! And only a few descendants of these Heroes remind us of their experienced perfection…


Oleg Denysenko will present his creative project called “Wings” in Lviv Gallery “Green sofa”.

The exhibition will show the latest works of the artist made on paper.

The simplest things are a sheet of paper and a pencil. With the art chemistry Oleg Denisenko turns them into valuable artifacts. And with each of them he glorifies the triumph of ideas and crafts.

The project was implemented with the assistance of the Center for Contemporary Art “White World” (Kyiv).

Oleg Denysenko is a Ukrainian master of graphics and sculpture, co-founder of the International Triennial of Small Forms of Graphics “Intaglio” and the All-Ukrainian Biennale of Levkas. Over the past five years, he has participated in 22 international exhibitions (in Belgium, USA, Poland, Ukraine, Canada, France, Turkey, Italy and Bulgaria) and received 6 awards in Poland, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Romania.