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IlonaDesign «To Be & To See». 28.07 – 23.08.2020

IlonaDesign  «To Be & To See». 28.07 – 23.08.2020

ToBe & ToSee is a page of ten years of research in the field of fine arts, self-awareness and human relations. IlonaDesign works in the genre of abstraction. And in her abstractions are guessed natural forms. As if they pass through the prism of dreams or memories. Due to this, each work is emotional and unique. A kind of resonance between man and the world expressed in the most generalized forms. On the wave of the idea “New Ukrainian landscape” the graphic representation “ToBe & ToSee” (“to be and see”) was born. Implemented a series of works for modern interiors. Motivation is the creation of contemplative practices of megacities, as necessary conditions for survival in an accelerated world. The philosophy of “ToBe & ToSee” solves the problem of identifying visual and semantic garbage and displacing it from personal perception. “ToBe & ToSee” like as a point of comfort. IlonaDesign is the author of the exhibition, an artist-experimenter in the field of minimizing the impact of aggressive environment on the worldview of the individual. She works on creating an individual style as a symbiosis of visual experience of different cultures through the prism of the Ukrainian worldview. She uses the technique of watercolor, ink and acrylic.

IlonaDesign (Ilona Kuznetsova).

She was born in 1971, Ukraine, Dnipro.

Artist, graphic designer, architect, co-owner of IlonaDesignArt workshop.

Specializes in interior art and graphics, development of graphic solutions for wallpaper, fabric, mosaic and natural stone.

Geography of works: Ukraine, Israel, Russia, France, Czech Republic.

Participant and winner of the International Festival of Watercolor Miniature MiniWatercolor, Kyiv, 2018, 2019, 2020.

Participant of the exhibition “Watercolor Album”, Kyiv, 2018.

Personal exhibition “Artefactum”, Dnipro, 2019.

Personal exhibition “To be and to see”, Lviv, 2020.