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“Another Lviv”. Collective photo exhibition. Alla Simutina, Dina Turuk and Leonid Simutin. July, 14 – 26, 2020

“Another Lviv”. Collective photo exhibition. Alla Simutina, Dina Turuk and Leonid Simutin. July, 14 – 26, 2020

It is believed that the surrounding reality is not objective at all. After all, 70-90% of it is an image formed subjectively in our head.

Photography is a reflection of a person’s vision. That’s why we appreciate it. In the photo we get a different view of the same object. In particular, the exhibition will be about Lviv.

Alla Simutina talks about how she prepared this exhibition: Everything is changing on the principle of dominoes. I have also changed and it seems to me that my city has also changed. Objectively – Lviv for me ceased to be a place of residence and even ceased to be a city of return. During all my intermittent visits to my hometown, the last 5-6 years I shot a lot of it and threw 99% of the footage straight from the device. All these shots stopped affecting me. I left some of them and I found some in old forgotten files that I didn’t like at all before. Lviv has again formed a series of slightly dark, slightly tense shots, not clearly defined locally. For me, this is another, even alienated Lviv – a city of either memories or ghosts.

From the very beginning we wanted to do an exhibition together with Dina Turuk. When I began to look at her works, I saw that her Lviv was completely different from mine! For Dina Turuk it is a city as a holiday, a city as a light, a city of romantic dreams.

Later we attracted the third participant for the exhibition – Leonid Stepanovych Simutin. And in his photo another Lviv was clearly felt again – calm and cozy.

In general, it is not trivial, but everyone has their own another Lviv. Therefore, there could be no other name. During the quarantine period, we thought to change this name. So that no one would think what the “desert” quarantine Lviv is meant. But it became clear that quarantine is only a minor wound against the background of the city. It will be forgotten in a few months and it is not worth to thinking about it.


Biographical information:

 Alla Simutina.

She was born in 1961. From 1962 to 2015 she lived in Lviv.

Since 2015 he has lived in Toronto and in Vashago, Canada. She studied at the St. Petersburg Institute of Culture.

For a long time she worked at the Lviv National Library of the Academy of Sciences, later as a designer, and since 2005 as a photographer.

Selected exhibitions: 2008, 2009 – Griffon Gallery in Kyiv; 2010, 2013 – participation in exhibitions in Romania. In Canada he takes part in local photo exhibitions.

Dina Turuk.

She was born in Lviv. She studied at Lviv Polytechnic as an architect. Works as a leading architect in a design firm.

She studied in the studio of fine arts of  Yemelyanov (at the Lviv House of Officers), and while working in Mykolayiv (region) she attended the art studio of  Borodina.

She received her first camera as a gift from her father when she was 13 years old. Since then, he has been taking photos and enjoying the process.

In 2010-2012 she took part in three exhibitions – photo contests in the gallery “Shtuka”: “Cats and tramps in Lviv”, “Those without whom Lviv is not Lviv” and “Lion Signs” (1 and two 2nd places);

In 2013 – participant in the photo exhibition “Color Squaring” in the “Green Sofa”

Since 2016 participant of annual exhibitions of graphics of the project “A-4. Ballpoint pen ”(“ Karas-gallery ”, Kyiv).

In 2019, the first personal exhibition of photography “Moods” in the gallery “Art Space”.

Some of the  works are in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, France, Canada and the United States.

Leonid Simutin. 

Не is an profession engineer-geologist. Leonid began photography around 1955.

He took part in the work of the first Lviv photo club. Successfully exhibited at regional photo exhibitions.

In the sixties he exhibited at international photo exhibitions in Poland, Romania, was published in the Lviv youth newspaper, in the Moscow youth magazine.

In 1963,  Simutin’s photoshoot of  the construction of a pipeline in the town of Stebnyk, Lviv region, received an award at the All-Union Exhibition of Art Photography and was published in the Soviet Photo magazine and the Pravda newspaper.

For the last 15 years he has been photographing mainly during vacations. These are landscapes of Lviv region, landscapes and genre episodes of Western Europe – from Austria to Gibraltar.

His photos can be viewed at: “Life is photo Leonid Symutin”.