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MARIA`S DREAM. Uliana Nyshchuk. 5 – 31, May, 2020

MARIA`S DREAM. Uliana Nyshchuk. 5 – 31, May, 2020

Lviv artist Ulyana Nyshchuk explores the extremely typical and archetypical images of our culture. Folklore and iconography. Through the prism of her education and subtle senses and great talent Ulyana manages them with striking ease, balancing on the verge of stylistics, innovations and traditions.

For this exhibition Ulyana created feminine images using the ancient levkas technique, which dictated to her new artistic decisions.

Her “MARIA’S DREAM” is whirling around the iconographic plot of the Annunciation. The angel brings to the Virgin Mary the good news (about pregnancy) and gives as a symbol of flower. Their meeting is an allegory of the transition of the ordinary woman. Not knowing her destination and purpose. She is like as empty though beautiful girl vessel turns into a hopeful woman who found meaning.


… it’s about acceptance and femininity …

… it’s about giving good news to the chosen woman …

… it’s about the beauty of blossom …

… about meeting happiness as a flower.