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Uliana Nyshchuk

Uliana Nyshchuk

Born: 06.06.1984.
Education: Lviv National Academy of Arts (2004-10).
Activities: easel, sacral painting, graphics.
Working with: tempera, acrylic, photography, levkas (icon painting), oil painting, collage.
Areas of interest: Ethnocultural Studies, Philosophy of Arts.
Artistic priorities: synthesis of ancient and modern.

Main exhibitions

2005-exhibition “Etude” by MA Dziga. Lviv.
2008-Torso exhibition by MA Dziga. Lviv.
2012-exhibition “One hundred windows” gallery “Green sofa”. Lviv.
2010-20- participant of the project “From Roman to Jordan”. Ukraine.
2015-20 Iconic plein airs in Novice. Poland.

2007-exhibition “Hutsulia” gallery “A-hause”. Kiev.
2009-exhibition “Birds” in Lancut. Poland.
2018 Adam Rib Ribbon iconart. Lviv.