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THE TAPE. Project by Oleh Davydenko. 02/11 – 03/8/2020

THE TAPE. Project by Oleh Davydenko. 02/11 – 03/8/2020

There are two types of artists.

Some artists who plant one tree and look after it, growing, hoping for the great and beautiful fruits of that tree of their creativity.

Another type of artist is a tireless gardener who plants trees and bushes that take root and that do not get accustomed to this climate. Some of them do not grow, some produce small fruits and some have the chance to grow to the sky. Such an artist leaves behind a whole garden, which is incredibly interesting to watch.

Oleg Davydenko is just such a “crazy gardener”. There are no limits to his experiments. Probably, there will be no technique and style in which he would not test himself in his work. Somewhere in 2009 his hands reached the adhesive tape – scotch tape, which had attracted him with colors. His work like a geometric abstract have been presented at Christmas exhibition in the “Green Sofa” Gallery this year. Their exposition coincided in time with a scandalous trick with scotch tape by Italian artist Mauricio Cattelan. There have been a lot of comments and assumptions from the art critics regarding to these two events. And Oleg as an emotional person exploded with ideas.

At the exhibition created with the scotch tape will be the most incredible experiments of Oleg Davydenko. From a variety of dried plants and insects, cracks and bumpy volumes to conservation of tje smoke and erotic suprematism. Everything is created by using a scotch tape – an incredibly versatile material that fell into the hands of the indomitable ARTIST.

The exhibition will run until March 8, 2020.