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Vladyslav Shereshevskyi. “Places”. January, 14 – February, 9, 2020

Vladyslav Shereshevskyi. “Places”. January, 14 – February, 9, 2020

Vladyslav Shereshevskyy is perhaps the most star and famous artist among those who have ever been exhibited in the “Green Sofa” Gallery.

Vladyslav has earned undeniable respect and recognition in the art world of Ukraine and beyond for his original style. As well as tremendous popularity due to his outrageous sarcastically ironic works – portraits of Gogol and Shevchenko, Angela Merkel and Yanukovych etc. And many allusions to the themes of classic subjects from “Cossacks writing a letter to the Turkish Sultan” to “Maha” of Velasquez.

Another feature, so rare now, for Shereshevskyy as an artist is his powerful painting, whose proficiency can be compared to the best examples of post-impressionism.

Vladyslav said in one of his interviews that above all he always wanted to impress and strike with strong painting, not only provocative subjects. His exhibition “Places” in the “Green Sofa” gallery will be just like that.

It is theme – the images of real landscapes from existing locations that inspired the artist to paint them. Although all of them were painted in 2019 year in the last autumn months when nature fades. In Shereshevsky’s works, on the contrary, the variety of colors is raging.

The artist is boldly experimenting with new material for classical painting – acrylic paint, discovering its possibilities. In his works, he forces the viewer to look more closely at every millimeter of the canvas. And looking around it becomes clear that there is neither unnecessary nor accidental.

Indeed, considering the landscapes of Vladyslav, we are admire the power and incomprehensible energy of colors, the author does not hold back his emotions. Landscape for Shereshevskyy is another opportunity to express his attitude to life, to bare his soul, to spill his thoughts on canvas.

What about Shereshevsky’s provocative works? Are we not going to see them?

Especially for people who revere controversial topics, multi-layered content and humor in art, we will have one work on the exhibition, which should have already been on display in one of Lviv’s museums and has not been censured.

The exhibition will run until February 9, 2020.

Vladyslav Shereshevsky (February 25, 1964, Kyiv) – Ukrainian painter, graphic artist. He lives and works in Kyiv. He studied at the Republican Art School named after Taras Shevchenko. Graduated from the Kiev State Art Institute (1991). Teachers of the specialty – V. Chebanyk, G. Halynska. Member of the Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1992. In 1995 he became a sizar of the German Ministry of Culture.

The works are in museums and private collections in the USA, Israel, Greece, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Germany (Daimler Benz Company, Munich Municipal Gallery, Bavaria Ministry of Culture), Ukraine (Museum of Art of Ukraine) and other countries in the world.