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The City and the Garden. Exhibition of graphics and textiles by Daria Zawyalowa. November 19 – December 8, 2019.

The City and  the Garden. Exhibition of graphics and textiles by Daria Zawyalowa. November 19 – December 8, 2019.

Lviv citizen Daria Zawyalowa loves her city. Only the house “Under the Eagles” on Chuprynka Street inspired her to create a series of six works. In Dariya’s graphics the city painted with watercolors and markers.

And in 2014, the Garden appeared in the artist’s life. Thanks to the discovery in her life of a botanical garden on Cheremshyna Street in Lviv. The Garden of Dariya Zavialova embrodied in textiles and embroidery.

The City and the Garden do not contradict each other. They complement the harmony of handmade and natural. The City with its architecture is a wonderful architecture of stone-encrusted “caves”, places where you can hide to feel safe and protected from the weather. The Garden is a human attempt to bring order and harmony into the external environment, in order to go where when it is a good weather, to enjoy the flowers, trees, bushes, colors and a cultural nature.

Generally, Zawyalowa is fascinated by the idea of a  city-garden. It is so popular in the modern era. “The City and the Garden” exhibition by Dariya Zawyalowa will present for the first time the artist’s latest works created over the last year, as well as three works from her previous exhibition.

Daria Zawyalowa was born, lives and works in Lviv.

Education – Lviv National Academy of Arts, department of Art Textiles. Chief artist of the First Academic Theater.

She has been exhibiting since 1986 and has participated in more than 100 exhibitions in Ukraine, Latvia and Poland. In the First Theater and other theaters of Ukraine (Ternopil, Lutsk, Drohobych, Dnipro) she staged more than 70 performances as a set designer and a costume designer. She has participated in many artistic projects: in 1996 Art-Festivals of the “Star of Galicia”, the Puppet World Festival, the Yarn-Bombing-Art “Flags of Europe” for EURO 2012, the Quadrienalle set design. Preview 2018 in the program “Theatrical Fashion”. She collaborated as a costume designer with the Dance Theater “Life”, with the creative workshop “Theater in the Basket”. Personal exhibitions: 1992 – National Museum (together with N. Shymin and N. Lapchyk); 2002 – “Dziga” – project “Nowhere with Love” (textiles, watercolors); 2005 – Kharkiv, Municipal Gallery project “Ex ponto” (textiles, theatrical sketch); 2009 – “Primus” Gallery “Deus conservat Omnia” project (tapestries, author’s dolls, painting); 2014 – Lviv Art Palace, “City Notebook” project (painting); 2015 – Green Sofa Gallery “Silk and Linen” (together with О. Zotova), textile, author’s doll; 2019 – Scenography Gallery of “First Theater Designers” (together with M. Savitskyy and B. Polishchuk, sketches for the theater; 2019 – “Thing” Cafe-Gallery, “Forgotten Villas”, pastels.