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Bohdan Soroka. Graphics. September, 24 – October, 20 2019

Bohdan Soroka. Graphics. September, 24 – October, 20 2019

The Green Sofa  Art Gallery will feature a landmark exhibition.

The artist Bohdan Soroka is a prominent citizen of Ukraine, as well as an outstanding graphic artist, a dissident involved in the creation of authentic contemporary art of Ukraine of the 20th century. His first linocuts published as illustrations to the works of Igor Kalinets in 1969, were under disgrace of Soviet power. They caused a criminal case against the artist and prohibition of Bohdan Soroka from participating in any exhibitions for decades.

Working at the Lviv Art Factory as a monumental painter, where with his participation was created recently scandalous destroyed mosaic “Fishes” on the facade of the store “Ocean”, Bogdan Soroka continued to create graphic series that won international graphic competitions and made him famous abroad. Until today, one can observe a unique phenomenon – the Ukrainian diaspora across the ocean is often better acquainted with the work of Bohdan Soroka than local people.

Bogdan Soroka has been an artist of the National, “museum” scale. That is why he was among the participants of the Lviv Graphics Exhibition “Museum. Graphics of the 90s” at the Green Sofa Art Gallery in 2013. It was planned to hold his solo exhibition in the gallery. However, Mr. Bogdan died suddenly.

Today at the Green Sofa Art Gallery, Bogdan Soroka will be presented by  works from different series of works and different years of creation.  This is a series of colored and black and white linocuts, many of which will be exhibited for the first time.

In particular, the exhibition will feature the same mentioned above landmark series of linocuts – illustrations for I. Kalinets’s collection “Opening the Nativity Scene” (1969) and the last of the series “Angels and Music” 2013-2014.  Also you will see “Hetmans” 2006-2008; “Four Seasons” 2008-2011. There is no need to do without his black and white images of Lviv architecture, including the image from the poster of the exhibition – “Lviv downtown”,  linocut, 2006.