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Ulia Lekhiv “Border”. Solo exhibition. 30/06 – 25/07/2019

Ulia Lekhiv “Border”. Solo exhibition. 30/06 – 25/07/2019

– Where is the boundary between reality and fiction? Where does the tradition end and fantasy begins? Where is the true level of art, and not a boring picture of reality?

This is my own search for “Border” between reality and fantasy, between the real image and the image passed through the filter of its own perception of the world.

This project is an experiment that combines a photo and graphics that finds the balance on the verge of real, genuine and visible. This creates uncertainty, which is in fact a reality.

My experiment destroys the fragile verge between different types of art.

Ulya Lekhiv

Former Lviv resident, she graduated from the department of clothing modeling LNAM, and today the owner of the clothing brand “MOE” in Vienna.

She presents the second in her biography and the first in Ukraine personal exhibition of graphics in Lviv, in the “Green sofa”  art gallery.