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The ephemeral landscape. Painting exhibition of Petro Smetana. July 2 – 28, 2019

The ephemeral landscape. Painting exhibition of Petro Smetana. July 2 – 28, 2019

Lviv artist Petro Smetana made his first personal exhibition in 2010 in the Green Sofa Art Gallery. Due to various influences and internal searches Smetana evolved into a bright creative unit of the national scale.

Gradually, his stylistics became minimalistic. He is like a virtuoso sculptor got rid of all the extra details on the canvas.

The idea of creativity by Petro Smetana became philosophically relevant. Today he can be called a lyric poet of the urban landscape. Gradually the theme of the city’s life with its traditions, with the feeling that everything is passing, all just a moment is marcescible and so fragile, everything needs to be fixed. And at the same time, the rejection of nostalgia, the orientation of thoughts towards the future, which presupposes the preservation of foundations – have become his unique style. The ephemeral landscape is a continuation of the project in Lviv, which was presented in the framework of the Kyiv Art Week 2019.

Сonception of artist:

While living in a transit country during its transition period you feel yourself respectively. You have to coexist with such sense of temporariness. It reflects the underlying foundation which should form the basis of our modern universe. Does dispossession actually obliterate responsibility for the committed action and for the expressed thoughts? There is no need for quality performance, there is no belief in the fact that the objects created at the current time should survive the expiration date. To the great extent we do not have to store even what we inherited. Sometimes I speak to myself, to myself of that particular moment. The parallel view left by us depends on this dialogue. The fleeting perception of an imaginary future landscape is rooted in the present, there is no possibility to stop and look around. Rapid changes and speed of decision making often do not give enough time to analyze what has happened. We just look moving in transit to the ephemeral point and trying to move faster.