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“Summer stories”. Art glass exhibition by Olga Turetska. 4 – 30 of June 2019

“Summer stories”. Art glass exhibition by Olga Turetska. 4 – 30 of June 2019

Summer begins, it is time for adventure, rest, long sunny days and endless stories in warm summer evenings.

If you are tired of rain, politics, negative news and you want to get into seawater, feel the warmth of the sun or just lie on the grass, then we are with you in anticipation of the summer rest. This world has become too fast, no time at all. There are things we are accustomed to and no longer notice. We do not appreciate the value of simple things. It is important not to lose the ability to wonder, admire and enjoy even the usual events, rejoice in every new day. Every day we are the creators of our history, what we will remember and tell others.

My “Summer Stories” are sincere, kind, cute and maybe sometimes naïve. Because it is about the most beloved time in the childhood about the summer, love, dreams and travel. They are bright and colorful. Each work speaks for itself, it knocks to the heart of who wants to hear it.

The artist’s happiness is in the process of creation, and this is truly the time when you feel the greatest freedom and pleasure to be and belong to yourself. Therefore, all the work about me, about what I love and what I dream about.

Most of the work done in glass fusing – it is sintering of colored glass. They are created in the last half year and will be presented at the exhibition for the first time.

Olga Turetska

Born in February 11, 1984 in Lviv


1999-2003 – Lviv College of Decorative and Applied Art named after I. Trush, Painting department
2003-2009 – Lviv National Academy of Arts, Department of Art Glass

Exhibition activity began in 2005. Over the last five years has participated in the following exhibitions:

2011   “Arts family” exhibition in Kirovograd Regional Art Museum, Kirovograd, Ukraine;
2011  “Arts family” exhibition in Odessa Art Museum, Odessa, Ukraine;
2011   International Art Exhibition “High Castle”, Palace of Arts, Lviv, Ukraine;
2011   Christmas exhibition, “Green Sofa” Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;
2011   Exhibition “White …” “Coral” Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;
2011   Exhibition of Art Glass, Art Palace, Lviv, Ukraine.
2012   exhibition “Art Family”, Museum of Books and Printing, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2012   Christmas exhibition, “Green Sofa” Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;
2013   Exhibition “Actually,” “PRIMUS” Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;
2014  Christmas exhibition, “Art Gallery Gary Bowman”, Lviv, Ukraine;
2014   Art Expo, New York; USA
2014   personal exhibition “Two Souls”. “Green Sofa”  Art Gallery.
2014   All-Ukrainian art project for the Independence Day of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine;
2015   Christmas exhibition, “Green Sofa” Art Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;
2015   exhibition “From Kremenets to Kazimierz” Kazimierz Dolny, Poland

2016 – Personal exhibition with Ivan Turetsky “Color reincarnation”, “Green sofa” gallery

2016 – International Symposium of blowing Glass, Lviv, Ukraine;

2016- exhibition “From grandfather`s and great-grandfather`s”,  Cultural Forum “Galician Cult”, Kharkiv, Ukraine;

2017 – Personal exhibition with Ivan Turetsky “The Magic Garden”, Veles gallery, Lviv

2017 – Christmas exhibition, “Green sofa” gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;

2018 – Miniatures exhibition, Veles gallery, Lviv, Ukraine;

2018 – Exhibition of Art Glas.  First Award of Professor A. Bokotey, Glass Museum, Lviv, Ukraine;