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Vasyl Bazhaj PROJECT/ DE-TERMINO/ “antithesis”. 7.05 – 2.06.2019

Vasyl Bazhaj PROJECT/ DE-TERMINO/ “antithesis”. 7.05 – 2.06.2019

…timidity of dirt in contemporary painting is so unfair as yesterday`s fear of “pure” paint.  We haven`t forget the statement that all things are equal when they appeared from the inner necessity. In this case outer is dirty and inner is pure. In other way outer, pure shall be inner dirty. Painting is art, and art, in general, is not a process of unconsciousness   creation of works which disappeared in emptiness, but goal-directed force; its duty is to serve for human, soul development and improvement… Painting – language, which by its unique forms and abilities tells our soul about the “vital bread” and this “bread”, can be offered for human soul in that way.

V. Kandinsky. “About spiritual in art” (1911)

Artist Vasyl Bazhaj is a recognized classic in the art of installation and performance in Ukraine. In painting he chose the path of a follower of avant-garde traditions. Therefore, it is not accidental that he quotes Basyl Kandiskyy – one of the first abstractists and an outstanding theorist of art. Abstract art of Vasyl Bazhaj at the same time is both difficult and simple to understand. For his perception you need unconscious knowledge of a particular code. Alphabets read the spiritual synergy created during Bazhaev’s “performance alone with paints and canvas”. The author does not give names to his works, because giving a name means to restrict the abstract thinking of the viewer, to drive into a sense of the framework. Vasyl Bazhaj serves as a “transmitter” and the viewer is a “receiver” of the signal “from above”, which can not and should not be explained. Art for the conviction of Vasyl Bazhaj should not be logical. Because if it is logical then there is no art.

In 2012, the work (1992) of Vasyl Bazhay appeared in the 14th series of the 3 seasons of the “White Collar” detective series. In 2016, his work appeared in the drama series “The Good Wife.”


Born in 1950. In 1979 he graduated from the Lviv Academy of Arts. Since 1991 artist is a member of the Lviv Union of Ukraine Artists, and since 1996 – a member of its board. Since 1998 he headed the conceptual art section of the Lviv Union of Artists. Lives and works in Lviv.

Awards: 1996 – Honorary prize “Salon Internationale D’ART Contemporain”. Winner of Golden Section (1st prize). 1997 – Grand Prix of the International Art Festival “Golden Section”, Ukraine. The title of “Artist of the Year” in the field of painting. 2000 – Grant for the best art project of the year from Sori Center for Contemporary Art, Ukraine. 2001 – Winner of Ivan Trush Prize for his active creative work in the field of painting.

Vasyl Bazhai’s paintings are held in museums of Lviv, Kyiv, Khmelnitsky, as well as in galleries and private collections in Ukraine, Belgium, and the USA.