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Nina Reznichenko. “Illusion”. Painting. 9.04. – 5.05.2019

Nina Reznichenko. “Illusion”. Painting. 9.04. – 5.05.2019

Art is a continuous roundelay of illusions.

Bob Dylan

It is believed that art is an illusion reflecting reality. In the arsenal of the illusionist, as in the hands of the artist there are three stages in the process of creating his illusion. You take the real material thing  that you can see. Subsequently, with an ordinary thing something unusual is happening. It is transformation. And in the third stage, this thing returns, appears again and reborn. The illusionists call this process the appearance of a transformed subject – a prestige.

Nina Reznichenko compares her creative process with an illusionist prestige. Frequently using the methods of automatic writing, she gives an image on a canvas of blurry soft transitions of complex halftones, paints of oil paint and various colored smears of living color. So her works are born.

In their baroque revel of colour they arise from abstraction and draw the viewer into asymmetrical dynamic compositions like flowers or neo-romantic female portraits – ephemeral timeless light images, which are also a beautiful woman’s illusion.

All her works created specifically for the exhibition during the last half year.