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“Earth and Sky”. Oleksiy Koval. Enamels. 15. 01 – 10.02.2019

“Earth and Sky”. Oleksiy Koval. Enamels. 15. 01 – 10.02.2019

An exhibition of new monumental works by Alexey Koval from Kyiv “Earth and Sky” is dedicated to the majestic elements that are the foundation of our world.

Earth, Sky, Water and Air, all these elements constantly interchange their energy, mutually influence, and are in a constant dialogue with a Man. The cycle of works in the technique of enamels on metal, as well as etchings, is a logical extension of the previous cycle, called “Places of Power”.

Alexey created it devoting his works to spectacular landscapes of various parts of the world that inspired him. The greatness of the landscapes raises the spirit and gives inspiration. While traveling around the world, Alexey found images for portrayal of elements of nature. This includes the azure of the life-giving water of the Adriatic Sea of ​​Croatia, and the depth and vastness of the sky of the Tibetan mountains, and the light, conducted from the Asian air. And in the end – the gracious treasure of Ukraine, a black soil, which incarnates the greatness of the fourth element. After all, you will not find such a land anywhere.

In addition to these landscapes from the year 2018 – 2019, a little Ukrainian collection from the year 2017, adored by the numerous fans of Alexey’s creativity, will be presented at the exhibition. The ornamentation of embroidery and carving of the Ukrainian aristocracy – Cossack Starshyna, combined with images of Ukrainians from old photographs of the late 19th and early 20th centuries are the base for these artistic works. In total, Koval will show us about a dozen works that were not previously presented for the public.

Oleksii Koval /Kyiv, Ukraine/

Oleksii Koval was born on October 16th, 1977 in Kiev, Ukraine. He was addicted to art from school years. In 1996 Oleksii was graduated from Republican School of Art by Taras Shevchenko (painting class) and continued education in National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, painting faculty which he graduated in 2002. Beginning from 2000 he works in monumental art sphere, created approximately 100 pieces of art in Ukraine and abroad, these are frescoes, mosaics, ornaments, drafts of stained-glass windows.

Every day and every moment we face many holistic words – countries, nature and its elements, humans or drops of water with their micro and macro cosmoses. These words are interesting and impressive. Oleksii opens these words and tells about them by the language of visual images using his favorite hot enamel technique.


2018 Chicago, USA, Ukrainian National Museum

2018 Museum of Art, Khmelnytskij, Ukraine

2018 Museum of Art, Chernivtsy, Ukraine

2018 Museum of  Prikarpatya Art, Ukraine

2018 Museum of Art, Ternopil, Ukraine

2018 Tryptych Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2017 National Art Museum, Odessa, Ukraine

2017 KUMF gallery, Toronto, Canada

2016 International Trienale of Graphics, Ukraine

2016 Munster Internationaler Puppen Frühling, Germany

2016 Tryptych Art Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2015 International Trienale of Graphics, Vilnius

2015 Sady Pobedy Gallery, Odessa, Ukraine

2015 Parsuna Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine

2015  Green Sofa Gallery, Lviv, Ukraine

2012  Symposium in Rozlog, Bulgaria

2000  Landscapes of  Florence, Italy

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