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The first personal exhibition of Roman Domashych sculpture. November 20 – December 16, 2018.

The first personal exhibition of Roman Domashych sculpture. November 20 – December 16, 2018.

Like every artist in my work I raise topics that affect me. Sometimes they inspire and calm down, and sometimes they worry, outrage and disturb. After all, in my person lives two types of sculptor.

One is a romantic-minded person who tries to capture the moment of the greatest emotional upheaval recorded by plastic compositions with a human figure.

The second one is outraged by social injustice, which represents a problem that worries him. With figurative compositions pushing the viewer to understand, think and perceive my idea.

In my work I pay much attention to the details that emphasize the emotional state and complement the story. I work with bronze because this material provides the greatest opportunities for the deepest disclosure of my creative idea, as well as the emphasis on details. The details help the viewer to immerse themselves in a small story and feel the emotion and feel of my work. As a result, there is an emotional connection with the viewer.

Roman Domashych is a sculptor, who will present his personal exhibition for the first time and we known about it (from overheard):

–         Is he the youngest of Domashych?

–         Who is this?

–         Well…Nadya from “Sberkasa” (Savings bank) and Fedya from “PMK” (Moving mechanized column)

–         Who is Nadya and Fedya?

–         Well…they live on “BAM” (Baikal-Amur Highway), in the village named Lubesh!

–         Aaah, Nadya’s son!

–         Well!

–         Wait! How old is he?

–         Two years afterChernobylhe was born.

–         And what about him?

–         In Lviv. He works like a sculptor or an architect there. The painter …in one word.

–         Did he study somewhere for this?

–         My son knows him. He said that he first graduated from the college, this like …hmm? … named after Trush. Then graduated from theAcademyofArts. And then you know what?

–         What?

–         And he graduated from thePolytechnicUniversity, he studied at the Architect department.

–         So what?

–         His exhibition there in Lviv. He lives and works in Lviv too. Art is in his head.

–         Oh, I do not understand that art.

–         Yes, I also say so. It would be better if he will be a judge or a prosecutor. Then at least money would have earned it. But he’s stupid in his head. He says that he loves art in himself, not himself in art.