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VOLODYMYR BOHUSLAVSKYY “Freedom”. Painting. 28.08. – 23.09.2018

VOLODYMYR   BOHUSLAVSKYY “Freedom”. Painting. 28.08. – 23.09.2018

Volodymyr Bohuslavskyy is a famous artist who actively displayed his postmodern form-making aesthetics, which was so different from socialist realism in the 80’s. He is well known to its admirers. First of all, perfectly styled scenes: exquisite landscapes, still lifes, which together with the expressive colors are harmoniously associated with delicate detailing and stylization, sculpturally weighed down to the smallest details. This time Bohuslavskyy will show another to us unexpected side of his creative nature at his personal exhibition in the “Green Sofa”. It will be all about  the abstract painting. The imaging of all terrestrial things of the material world requires from the artist. The sky, the trees, the human skin color dictate their rules of their images. The painting – what is its main expressive means? First of all, it’s a color. Not a line, not a volume which is a means of graphics and sculpture. A lot of variety in thousandths of color variations with which the artist is free to behave just getting rid of subjects, themes and often even untitled. Abstraction is the color of freedom.

The freedom of the artist Volodymyr Bohuslavskyy will be presented by two dozen new abstract canvases created during the last five years in oil, acrylic and tempera paints.


Born 1954 in Kyiv, Ukraine.
1966 -1972 Art school in Kyiv.
1973 -1978 Graduated from the State institute of Applied and
Decorative Art in Lviv, Ukraine
From 1998 – member  of National Union of Artist of Ukraine

Participant in the following exhibitions:
1987  Republican Art exhibition, Kyiv, Ukraine.
“Young artists of USSR” Moscow, Russia.
1988  Republican Art exhibition, Kyiv.”Sedniv 88″, Kyiv.
1989 “Soviart”, Munich, Germany.
1990 “Soviart. 21 views.” Munich, Germany.
1991 “Soviart” Ukranian artists 60-80.” Odense, Danmark
First international Bienale of Ukrainian artist. Picture Gallery, Lviv.
1992 “Ukrainian art” Wuppertal, Germany
1993  Exhibition – Coekolare, Belgium.
“Ukraine-93” Munich.
1994 “Wind from east” , Munich.
Linz, Austria.
“Roxolania” Coekolare, Belgium.
1995 “International Art”, Skoelskor, Danmark.
“Art wthout borders”, Forum der Technik, Munich.
“Five years of freedom” Gerdan gallery, Lviv.
1996   Artfestival, Kyiv.
“Farbienspiele” Munich, Germany.
“Ukrainian artists” – Antwerp, Belgium.
“Contrasts”, “Gerdan” Gallery, Lviv.
1997  “Old names – new meet” Munich.
“New Ukraine” Bonn, Germany.
1998  “60-years UA of Ukraine”, Kyiv.
“Open-Art” Gallery, Munich
2001  “Triennial of painting”, Kyiv.
V Autumn Salon “Vysoky Zamok”(II nd prize) Lviv.
“My town” Picture Gallary, Lviv
Group exhibiyion “Hermes” Gallery, Lyons, France.
2002  “Gallary-36”, Kyiv.
VII Autumn Salon “Vysoky Zamok”, Lviv
2003    “Art-Expo”, New York, USA.
2004    Artfestival, Barselona, Spain
2005    Zoetmulder Gallery (Noordwijk, Netherlands)
2006    Chateau de la Prairie (Guebwiller, France)
2007    Michel de Klerk gallery (Chardonnay, France)
Art-Festival “Ukrainian House” (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2008   ” Art Map of Ukraine”.  Museum of Modern Ukrainian Art (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2009   “Still Life”, gallery “Primus” (Lviv, Ukraine)
2010   “Five Artists” Harry Bowmen`s Gallery (Lviv, Ukraine)
2012 – “Velykyj Pereviz”, Lavra Gallary, (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2013 – IV Fine Art Ukraine, “Mystetskyi Arsenal “, (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Solo exhibition
1992    “Galart” Gallery – Solo exhibition, Lviv
1997    “Mayer” Gallery, Rosenheim, Germany
2003     Fulda, Germany
2004    “Gerdan” Gallery, Lviv.
2005    “Palac of Art ” Lviv, Ukraine.
2006     Fundacja Sztuki  “Abdank Polska” (Warsaw, Poland)
2010     National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)
2011     National Museum (Lviv, Ukraine)
2014   National Union of Artist of Ukraine (Ivano-Frannkivsk, Ukraine)
Lviv Picture Gallery, (Lviv, Ukraine)


Lviv Picture Gallery, Ukraine
Museum of Art, Sumy, Ukraine
Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art, Kyiv;
National Museum (Lviv, Ukraine)
National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine)