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Olesia Kaznokh. “Ploughland”. Paintings. June, 5 – July, 1 2018

Olesia Kaznokh. “Ploughland”. Paintings. June, 5 – July, 1 2018

What does your hand take on a paper when you are talking on the phone? I paint ornaments. I do not know why. Probably because the human mind is so constituted. In the chaotic reality of the world a person tries to create her own order. Make time in the mode and schedule, sort the knowledge, give the name and definition to all and find the regularities.

According to the official doctrine of art historians, the ancient man depicting natural motifs gradually began to put them into friezes and rapport patterns, to deduce plant meadows, to search for rhythms and symmetry. In one word to create an ornament.

This exhibition is the third in my creative biography solo exhibition was a continuation of the previous. The only one difference that in the field of my attention got the arable land on the roads that I traveled by. Their geometrically arranged arable land and patchwork gardens. All this beauty of living and plowed land, ordered by a man, even more reminds me of the stripes and rhythms of folk embroidery ornaments. Thus, a new series of works was created, united under the name of “Ploughland”.

The exhibition will consist more than 20 paintings of oil paintings on canvas using the old wreaths and embroidery. Among them, most of them from  the “Ploughland” series, as well as from the new “Matching” and “It is so natural” series. A special surprise will be a self-portrait in the style of my first exhibition named “My Craft”.