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“Fossils 4018”. Olga Pylnyk. Ceramics. 10.04. – 6.05. 2018

“Fossils 4018”. Olga Pylnyk. Ceramics. 10.04. – 6.05. 2018

C o n c e p t i o n

One day during the walk in a nearby village to the big city I was looking at the roadside that had not yet been covered with grass.

They were overflowing clogged compressed plastic bottles. Which were looked like they were lying there for centuries! Then I thought: “It’s interesting that the following civilizations will imagine us? And what will we leave for their future archaeological excavations? ” To predict this very difficult and it is not my task. Let the futurists think about it. I only have a great hope that the next civilizations will be even more “sapiens”.

Thus appeared the idea of a project “Fossils 4018”. The whole planet is filled with such bottles. They are everywhere: in cities and in villages; on land and in reservoirs; in the forests and fields; in the mountains and plains; on all continents. In my imagination I have already seen how the archaeologists of the following civilizations find the whole breasts of compressed bottles which have already scribbled or left impressions in the stone. I wanted to show in my works this and emphasize the incredibly striking contrast: the natural beauty of the earth and the sad not esthetics of craft garbage of our time.

Material part: about 10 ceramic objects in the size from 30 -70 cmin length. Coated with angobs and colored enamels.