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Nina Buryak. OFFSEASON. Painting. March,13 – April, 8, 2018

Nina Buryak. OFFSEASON. Painting. March,13 – April, 8, 2018

After a long break, as well as for the first time in the “Green Sofa” Art gallery, Nina Buryak will present her personal exhibition. For this exhibition she created a series of abstract associative paintings which were painted during the winter and spring offseason. The artist inspired by the state of nature in its diversity, poetic beauty and restrained color scheme. The artist says that in the end and according to the laws of abstract painting – she creates in obeying the deep intuitive wave. In general, she perceives her work as an integral energy stream, the prophecy of which is one or another mood, action, attributes and designs, finely drawn in color and texture. For such a kind of creativity Nina Buryak has to have in addition to her talent an extraordinary artistic professionalism and freedom gained during the years of work in the field of fine arts.

Nina Buryak  is a bright representative of the artists of the 80’s and 90’s. At that time the artist was active in exhibitions taken place both in Ukraine and abroad. She was working in painting and in graphics as well. Folklore and modern traditions in combination with abstract compositional elements in her work had a great success. Her works are presented in many Ukrainian museums and private collections in Ukraine, Canada, USA, Austria, Belgium, Germany, etc.

The exhibition opening of “Offseason” by Nina Buryak will be held at the gallery “Green sofa” on March’ 13 at 17:00.