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Natalya Gaidash. “Quiet life. Revival”. February 13 – March 11, 2018.

Natalya Gaidash. “Quiet life. Revival”. February 13 – March 11, 2018.

The first stained glass windows appeared in Ancient Egypt. They used them mainly for the windows décor and protecting the interior from bright sunlight. The incredibly calming, charming effect of colored glass on the lumen was highly appreciated by the churchmen and the stained-glass window gained extraordinary popularity in the design of the temple windows. The second splash of popularity and development of stained glass art has taken place in the era of Secession. Despite the fact that in the interiors even today the stained glass is often used, the artists who work creatively and non-standard in this technique in general is not enough. Those that make their projects no more than the fingers of one hand across all ofUkraine.

Among the most striking examples of the use of stained glass technique in creating works of contemporary art is Lviv artist Natalia Gaidash. Technically she is a master of her business. Stylistically her creativity is the author’s recognizable fusion of symbolism, aestheticism and folklore styles. Emotionally – Nataliya’s works on spirituality and love in all its forms.

This time we will see the continuation of the “Quiet Life” exhibition, which took place in October 2017. Openwork panels with backlight, as if reproducing a state, when you just close your eyes and nap, you see shimmering eyes.

“Quiet life. Revival” is a continuation of a kind of emotional recreational vacations. Desire, need, creative search for the atmosphere of relaxation and rest. And then it transforms into a phase of awakening from sleep. In particular it is a recovery and  a reboot for active new life. The idea of “awakening” is a way of psychological reincarnation of a person through the rest, in order to meet the new sunrise!

That is how  Natalia Gaidash describes her concept.